So, You Said You Have a Vampire Problem?

Author Name:  Crystal

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: All characters including Walter Skinner, Fox Mulder, Dana Scully 
and other relations to the show X-Files are owned by Fox, 1013 Productions
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With that out of the way,
Enjoy the story.

FBI Headquarters

A manilla folder flew across the Assistant Director's desk.  
He looked up to see the obviously unhappy special agent standing in
front of him.
"Is there a problem, Agent Mulder," Skinner demanded.

"Yeah, there is.  What is this crap?  Drug Dealing!  This isn't exactly
the cases I should be working on."

"Really, Agent Mulder, then what should you be working on.  I haven't
seen anything new from you in weeks.  The government wastes enough
of our citizens' money.  If you can't find any of your own cases, 
then I'm assigning them to you.  Got that.  GOOD!  Now, get out."

Mulder, steaming over the waste of his talent and time.  Stormed from
Skinner's office to reconvene with Agent Scully in his basement


"I can't handle this, Giles.  Every night this week, I've been out
slaying.  Vampire this.  Vampire that.  When do I get a break?  How
many vampires are there? And forget the social life, I can't even
remember what the inside of a club looks like!"

Buffy's mentor, calm as always, tried to say something soothing.
"Buffy, I know that it has been difficult lately.  But the changing
of the seasons tend to bring forth the more unsightly creatures."

Unfortunately, it didn't work...
"So what, these are spring vampires?"

Through the library door, Willow and Xander sauntered in, hoping to
find a cheery Buffy.

"Ready, for Mr. Hinders exciting world of Bio..."  Xander began.  Unfortunately,
 Buffy was already storming off the premises before the 
sentence came out of his mouth.

Giles looked at the two suprised teens and just smiled and shrugged
his shoulders.  It truly was a bad time of year.


"Mulder, he's right.  I'm getting bored.  I've even been dating,"
Scully sarcastically interjected.

"Oh, so Frohike finally got the best of you."

"Very funny, Mulder.  Anyway, it would be a nice change to do something
that didn't involve space travel or morphing body parts."

More frustrated, Mulder began to pace around his tiny space.  His
eye caught a newspaper, THE SUNNYDALE GUIDE, which 
Scully had recieved from a college friend, sitting on top of 
her purse.

"Look at this."

Scully rolled her eyes.  
"It's an editoral, Mulder.  A commentary.  We HAVE been working on 
X-Files for too long."

"Read it.  Why's Sunnydale so wierd?  Look, reports of vampires, 
werewolves, disappearing students, blue creatures.  Pack your bags, 
Scully, we are off to Sunnydale."

Scully sank back into her chair, wishing she had a desk on the 
first floor, even the roof.


"Scully, Don't you love it. Fresh air. Beaches"

Scully didn't answer, yet again bored by her partner's wild goose, or
vampire chases.

"This is the place, Mulder."

The duo strolled into Sunnydale High, the source of the story.  Scully
couldn't believe that Mulder was actually following up on an article
from a high school newspaper.  Then again, she remembered all of the
infamous tabloid stories.

"Hi, can you direct me to Mr. Giles," Mulder calmy asked the secretary.

She pointed him towards what appeared to be the library and Scully
faithfully followed.

"May I help you," Giles asked, a little suprised to see such gothically
dressed people in his quaint town.

"Hello, I'm special agent Mulder and this is agent Scully.  We'd like
to ask you about some of the strange occurrences around Sunnydale."

"I'm sorry, I don't know what you are speaking of, " Giles interjected

"The reports of vampires, ghosts, Blue monsters, werewolves..."

"I'm sorry, I really wouldn't know about those things."

"That's strange, this Miss Calander that the paper quoted directed us
to you," Mulder had him now.

Damn it.  How was I ever attracted to such a witch.  Giles thought.

"Yes, well there has been a mistake.  They are kids stories.  Just
a little fun the teens are having. Good day."

Mulder looked as if he was going to ask another question, but Scully
pulled him out of the library.

"Mulder, this is nuts.  We are going back home. I don't care if you
don't want to investigate the drug case. I swear you are just doing
this to ruin my love life...OUCH!"

Mulder looked at his partner as a paper airplane hit her cheek.

"You should of ducked."

"Let's go, Mulder."

"No wait!"

Mulder picked up what used to be the airplane that Scully was moving
to dispose of in the nearest circular filing cabinet.  There was
something written on it.

"Meet me tonight outside your hotel."


"Oh, come on Scully..."


Giles looked at the agents walking away.  How could this happen?  The
F.B.I.  That's all that he needed right now.  The surge of vampires.
Buffy's teenage problems.  Now this.  Just as he thought things
couldn't get any worse...

"Giles, I hope you didn't mind that I directed them to you."


"Yes, I do mind.  Now stay out of mine and Buffy's business.  You are
no longer welcome by either of us."

"Giles, forgive me.  I thought you could use the help."

"Well, you thought wrong."

Giles stormed from the library, trying to think of what he would say
to Buffy. 


Scully picked up the phone.  Excited as ever, she dialed the number.
She couldn't believe how wonderful her relationship was with this
man.  O.k., so she kept it from Mulder for a few months, what did it
hurt?  Well, it was almost a year now and she expected him to pop the
question any day.  The voice over the phone...

"Hi, you have reached the abode of Mickey Frence.  Please leave your
name and number after the tone.  Thanks for calling."

Damn.  She really wanted to talk to him

"Hi, Mickey.  Thought I'd catch you.  Where are you anyways?  Oh well,
I love you, I'll talk to you later."

Knocking at the door.  Mulder. It's always Mulder.  She thought for a
minute about her plans to ask Skinner to transfer her from the X-Files.
Mickey would love it and she loved Mickey.

"Let's go, Scully," Mulder shouted as he dashed out the door.  She
reluctantly followed.  He noticed that they were chasing what appeared
to be a skinny teenager.  Why didn't she just become a doctor!  
Eventually, they reached the graveyard and stopped.

"Wait here," the masked teen stated.

Scully looked around her at the dismal surroundings.  The transfer
looked better all the time.  Suddenly, they heard rustling from 
behind the bushes.  The next they new a blond-headed teen fly through
the air, landing on top of an incredibly unsavory character.

For the next ten minutes, the girl continued to stab and kick what
Scully percieved were vampires.  Eventually it all came to a stop.
From out of the corner of her eye, Scully noticed the man she met
earlier that day, with two additional teens besides him.

"Mr. Giles."

"You know them Giles,"  Buffy retorted.

"Well, I was going to explain..."

"How did they get here?  You told them."

"No, No, I assure you."

"Wow, this is wierd..." Xander stated with his superior intellect.

"It was me."

From behind the bushes, the masked teen came forward, removing his

"Oz!" Willow said with suprise.

"Yeah, it's me.  I was so sick of you helping Buffy every night.  I
wanted to get her help so I could spend more time with you.  I miss

"Oh, that's so sweet," Willow said excitely.

Mulder stood there and smiled, knowing that a partnership had begun.

The new friends talked over coffee and pizza.  Mulder swore to continue
his help, and Buffy and Giles accepted this.  Willow was happy with
her Oz and Xander, well Xander was Xander.

As for Scully, she decided to ask for that transfer.