Author Name:  Crystal

Rating: PG-13

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"Are you sure about this, Agent Scully?"

 "Yes, Sir.  I have given this adequate consideration 
and I have decided that this is my best option,"  Scully 
quickly told the assistant director.

Skinner sighed.  He wasn't sure what to make of the 
agent's request.  Should he grant it?  What has made her 
suddenly want this transfer?  He looked at her eyes and 
knew that she had made up her mind.  He had to ask the 
question, though.

 "Why?  Why now?"

"I feel that my life is going in a different 
direction, Sir.   I don't want to spend the rest of it 
chasing little gray men and blood sucking vampires.  I 
want a life.  I want a family.  I want something other 
than Mulder's beliefs." 

"And you think this transfer will give you this?"

 "No, but it will help."

 He looked at her intently one more time.  Then 
sighed.  He had no choice.

 "Agent Scully, you are one of the best agents that I 
have ever had the opportunity to work with, but I won't 
stand in your way.  I will recommend your transfer."

And that was the beginning of the end, or was it...
Later that night...

 Scully lighted the candles sitting on the table and 
checked on the ham roasting slowly in its juices.  She 
couldn't believe how wonderful her life was about to get.  
One year and five months.  Scully could barely comprehend 
that she had been with Mickey for so long.  She had an 
even harder time accepting that she had kept it going for 
so long with Agent Mulder's consumming attitude. She loved Mickey so.  Scully had finally found 
Someone she could spend the rest of her life with.  
Someone that could make her happy and accepted her 
unusual life.   She was also confident in her decision to ask for 
the transfer.  Mickey had put up with alot and she was 
finally going to reward him for this. Scully heard the phone ring and casually answered 
it. It was Mickey. 

"What's wrong, honey, you sound upset, " Scully said, worried. 

"I can't do it anymore.  I just can't take it." 
"What?  What can't you do?"

 "This relationship.  I can't lie to myself and 
pretend I'm happy.  I'm sorry.  I love someone else.  I
can't deny myself happiness anymore.  I just don't love 
you.  I'll always remember you, goodbye." 

With that, Scully saw her old life coming back to 
her.  Her one chance of happiness and a normal life was 
suddenly crushed her.  She was crushed.
 Mickey hung up.  Finally, he was free.  He picked up 
the phone and dialed the number.  The one he had gotten 
used to for the past three months. 

"Hey, Kerry.  I told her.  Its over.  I can't 
believe that bitch actually thought that I loved her.  
She was so wacked.  I can't believe I pretended for so 
long.  Finally, she's out of my life and we can enjoy our 
happiness together." 

Mickey smiled.  Something he hadn't done for a long 
time.  He finally had Scully off his back.  Thank God.  
Who could take a relationship like that.  Long-distance 
most of the time and just plain difficult the rest. 

 "Yeah, I'll pick you up in an hour.  I love you."

Mickey quickly got dressed and headed out to pick up 
Kerry.  Scully would never find anyone.  He, however, 
never had to worry about being alone.

In his happiness, Mickey neglected to notice two 
things, the devastation he had caused Scully and the dark 
figure following him. 
She couldn't believe it.  How could she be so 
stupid?  How could she believe that anyone would be 
interested in the life that she was leading?  She knew 
what she had to do, but she didn't want to do it.  She 
laid on her bed and cried.  Something she hadn't done in 
a long time.
Oh, he couldn't believe how wonderful that was.  
Finally, the ultimate happiness.  Almost two years and 
Scully never gave him that.  It was so great to finally 
get sex.  Sex and happiness.  What else did he need?  
Man, why didn't he do that sooner.

Mickey walked to his car with the uncompromising 
smile on his face.  What was that?  Hmmm, nothing.  I 
guess ultimate happiness makes you hear things.  He 
laughed to himself. His happiness was soon to end.  Before he could 
experience it for one more second, he felt razor sharp 
projectiles in his neck. 

 Maybe if he wasn't so happy, he would have noticed 
the vampire that had been stalking him.  Oh well.  Who 
ever said love lasts forever. 
Scully nervously walked into the office.  How could 
she tell Skinner that she had changed her mind after she 
had begged for the transfer?  Oh well, here goes nothing.

 "Agent Scully, good morning.  I know that you asked 
for a transfer, but with Agent Mulder out in his vacation 
in Sunnydale, I don't have anyone to cover this case.  Do 
you mind?" 

He handed her the file.  She smiled slightly.  
Skinner wondered what that was about.

  "Yes, Sir,"  She wished she could say something 
more, but ultimately could not. 

She headed down to Mulder's office, perhaps for the 
very last time and began to skim the file. Cross state murders.  
Strange neck marks.  Not again. She really didn't want to deal 
with this right now.  She opened her organizer and found the number
 for Mr. Giles.

 "Hello, this is Giles."

 "Mr. Giles, this is Agent Scully."

 "Yes, Mr. Mulder's companion." 

Scully shirked at that word.  Companion.  Will she 
ever be anything, but another person's companion?

"Yes, that's right.  I have some interesting reports 
of some killings.  I was wonder if you had any 
information ..."

"In the Washington area..."

"Yes, that's right."

 "I have.  In fact, Buffy was going to visit there 
tommorrow to check things out since her spring break will 
commence then.  Would you mind picking her up from the 

Scully thought for a while then agreed.  She also 
told Giles that she would let the girl spend the night.  
It would be nice not to sleep in an empty apartment. 

 "Was your flight o.k.?"

"Yes, fine...So where are the bloodsuckers keeping 

"I'll take you there."

 Scully drove to the newest killing sites.  She 
looked at the girl, remembering what is what like being 
that young, wishing that she still was.

"Here is where..."

"O.k., thanks,"  Buffy said jumping from the car and 
proceeding down the street.

"Hey, where are you going."

"Where I always go on my vacations, the graveyard." 
 The women set up camp in the north side of the 
graveyard as the sun set.  For some reason, Scully had 
packed for the occassion.  Sandwiches and hot cholcolate.  
Yeah, what a great Saturday night.  Much better then a 
date with Mickey.

"You seem bummed, Agent Scully."

 "Please call me Dana.  I have to say I have never 
been to a girls' night out at a graveyard before."

"Yeah, ya know, us 90's girls know how to have a 
good time. So why upset?"

"No, it's too silly."

"Boyfriend problems, huh?" 

Scully looked over at the girl.  It was a while since 
she had engaged in girl-talk.

"You could say that."

"Looking from the expression on your face, you were 
the dumped and not the dumpee.  You don't need him, 
whoever he was."

 The normal girl-talk advice. Should she go into 
detail or not?  What the hell, she was sitting in a 

"I loved him.  I just couldn't believe that he would 
lie to me for so long.  He was everything to me.  Just 
when I thought things couldn't get any better, they got 
worse then I could even imagine."

"I know the feeling.  My ex turned into a monster 
after I had sex with him."

"Mine turned into one before."

"Men, you can give um what they want..."

"Or nothing at all and..."

 "They'll destroy you every time," the women said in 
unison.  Each then gave out a painful laugh.  But, there 
wasn't much time for laughing.

 From behind her back, a creature of the night reached 
for Buffy.  She tossed him over her shoulder with 
ease, forcing him upon a wooden stake that was standing 
on the ground.  In the meantime, one pulled out from behind Scully.  
Reluctantly, she drove a sharpened stick next to her into 
the vampire's heart.  Of course, at this point Buffy had 
already destroyed several more. 

As Buffy was busy with yet four more, one approached 
Scully from the side.  She spun around to dispose of it 
when she looked into its eyes.  The eyes that had been 
her sole salvation for over a year.  She tried to raise the 
stake in her defense, but she could not.  How could she 
kill the only one she had ever loved?

At that moment, Buffy jumped over Scully, kicking 
the vampire once known as the human Mickey to the ground, 
slamming it to its death.  For one second, while he 
screamed in pain, Scully saw his beautiful face and 
reached out to touch it.

 He was gone before she could even stretch it far 
enough to feel him.  Scully wondered whether she was 
happy about his death.  For a moment, she thought she 
did.  I mean what's better than having a dead ex-boyfriend.
 She realized then that she loved him, that 
she would have rather he be alive and happy with someone else
then a pile of dust.  All she could do is cry.

 "Boyfriends.  It's a wonder that our species 
continues,"  Buffy sarcastically retorted.

 Scully laughed for a second then looked at the 
silence of the graveyard, wondering if she could ever 
continue her life.