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Three Kings

"No, not the little cubes you put in water"
My favorite line from Three Kings. Funny, Dramatic, Entertaining, George Clooney, etc., etc., etc.
Like Sixth Sense, this is another movie that you expect to be in one genre and becomes something more complex. When I orginally saw Three Kings I presumed that I was seeing an action film. Nothing wrong with that, but I got much more. This movie intertwines political statements and morals (yes, morals again) on life, death, honor, and humanity. All of this is done in a respectful and simple (not simplistic, simple) manner to create one very moving and at the same time entertaining film.

Fight Club

"The First Rule of Fight Club is you never talk about fight club."
Oh well, I'm not actually in Fight Club. This movie was unfairly blasted as a sexist, fascist film. It's not. It's all sarcasm. Very dark, very black comedy. I have never seen a movie that makes such a bold statement about our culture, our materialistic, two-faced (no pun intended) culture. Warning:If you can't take the violence, if you can't take the DEEP sarcasm, don't see the movie. If you can, you'll be seeing the best movie of the year.