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The Month of The Video

I recommend that everyone ignore the theater this month for the little screen. This month my four favorite movies from last year have hit the shelves. With any of these selections, you simply can't go wrong

The Sixth Sense

"I see dead people"
I don't label this as a horror movie, but a very good movie indeed. Every once in a while you a get a thrill, but more importantly you get a look into the lives of thousands of wonderful and misunderstood children across the country, children that are considered "freaks" for one reason or another. This child could just as easily "see large numbers, " (i.e., be a math wiz) instead of "see dead people." The concept is basically the same. The movie makes a big statement about how we treat people who are different and unpopular. This is what attracts me to this movie (of course, if it wasn't for the horror elements and the surprise ending no one would have seen it.)

Star Wars Episode I-The Phantom Menance

"I have a bad feeling about this"
Ah, the big one. YES, I LIKED IT! I don't care if it is just a fairy tale for grown-ups. I like fairy tales. What is wrong with a moral about good, evil, love and fear? Nothing! And the lightsaber fights are cool. I will even have to defend Jar-Jar. I thought he was funny and a good release. To be honest I thought, for what it was (i.e., a good old fashioned movie) it was nearly perfect (needed more Ewan McGregor).