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I love horror movies, I love westerns.  Finally, the best of
both world's wrapped up in one.  VAMPIRES is NOT your average
horror movie.  I guess it's not your average western either.  

However, it does contain some of my favorite elements of the old-time
shooting out westerns:
1)The Lone Hero
   -the man with the mysterious, tortured past
   -the man of action, not words (well...more words than usual
     what do you expect from a James Woods' film)
   -the man who rides off into the sunset (this hero must love
      the sun more than most Western loners)

2) The Villian in the Black Hat (err...cape)
3)The final showdown at high noon

4)The Good ol' steed
5)The Priest (yes, westerns have priests)

6)The Sidekick 

7)The Hooker (i.e., the bad girl)

8)The Dusty Western Towns of ol'

Watch VAMPIRES and compare with some of the best westerns of all time,
HIGH NOON (my personal favorite) MY DARLING CLEMENTINE, and (OF COURSE
and probably most applicable, THE WILD BUNCH).

Ahh, the classics of Hollywood are finally back.


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