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Christof? Adolf Hitler or Christ?

Writers are often careful about their choice of character names, 
looking for those that can stick in a person's mind, usually something
short and sweet (e.g., Riggs, E.T., Freddy, etc.).  However, THE
TRUMAN SHOW carefully names its characters to show their personality
traits and social status.

For example, Truman Burbanks is really straightforward.  Anyone 
remember Burbanks studios?
And, of course, Truman is the only TRUE MAN  in the "show."

Christof's name is even more telling.  He indeed has traits of both
CHRIST and adOlF Hitler.  

More closesly, CHRIST.  Now, though Christ is the son of God, he can
always be viewed as a part of God.  In this film, the use of the name
of Christ is synamous with God.

Christof is the savior and the creator.  He , of course, created 
Truman's world.  He alone created the sun, the rain, the moon, and
Truman himself.  For our we not all a compilation of what occurs
and who exists around us?

He is also Truman's savior.  He keeps away storms, disease (i.e., 
when Truman's friend is keep out of school for a month for catching
a cold). Ultimately, Truman will never be alone, never be injured,
never be hurt.  Christof is saving Truman from the world around him.

However, he is also Truman's dictator, (i.e., AdOlF).  Truman's 
world is controlled.  He can never be free.  Not only can Christof
save him, but he can also destroy him.  Truman lives in a fascist
environment.  He can never truely be who wants or experience what
he wants.  Christof can destroy Truman if he doesn't obey his little

I'm not sure if Christof is more of a Christ or Hitler figure.  I
think he needs to be a little bit of both.  He needs to want to 
save Truman, but at the same time not let him destory his master plan.