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Rules of the Road

Role Playing Game

1. First, you must choose a character. There are eighteen characters from the book to begin with. Once these are taken (or if you don't like them) you can create your own. However, your created character must be a student and I will put you in the correct house. You may also choose another character from the novels, but you cannot choose one of the characters that I have listed as unavailable (I want to have full control over these).

2. After you choose your character, you must choose a starting location for your character. There will be thirteen locations to begin with.

3. Each week I will write a beginning paragraph and a challenge for eight of the locations. One character will be chosen to write a resolution for the challenge. That person must e-mail me the resolution by Friday.

In other words, Monday I will write the beginning or continuing story for each of that weeks chosen locations. I will post it on the site. If your character is chosen, I will also e-mail you the story for your location. If you are chosen, I must receive your resolution by 4:00 CT on that Friday. If I do not receive your resolution, I will make something up on my own (and you may not like what happens to your character) and you will lose your turn.

I will post each person's response on the following Monday and build up from there. Each character will have a chance to write a resolution. If you don't write when chosen more than twice than you will be kicked out of the game.

4. You may not kill any other character in your resolution

5. If your resolution is inappropriate, I will NOT post it and e-mail you my reason. If it is because it is obsence, then you will not be able to return to the game.

6. If your resolution is particularly witty you will win house points (if you are part of a house) as well as individual points.

7. Yes, once it is worked into the story there will be Quidditch.

8. House common rooms, teacher lounge, and post boards will be added once we have enough people. There will also be general Harry Potter information coming.

9. Have fun and proceed on to the application!

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