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      Harry headed out of Gryffindor tower.  This was going to be quite a term
he thought to himself.  As he walked, he got the strange feeling that he was
being followed.

      He turned around to see a man.  He recognized him as Sirius.

      Harry's face lit up with joy.  He had missed his godfather and was glad
to see him again.

     "Harry," Sirius said in a serious voice.  "We have to get out of here.  It's
not safe for you."

     Harry looked at Sirius a litle puzzled.

     "Shouldn't we see Dumbledore first," Harry asked.

     "There's not time," Sirius responded.

    Harry looked down the hall at the entrance to Dumbledore's office.  Harry
turned around to Sirius trying to decide where he should go.

    A booming voice raised over Harry's head.  

    "Excuse me," Dumbledore said.   "Whoever you are, please leave immediately."

    Harry turned to see the image of Sirius fade away.  Harry, stunned, looked
at Dumbledore.

    "Don't worry, Harry.   Some of the Deatheaters are trying to project images
inside Hogwarts."

    Dumbledore, seeing the concern in Harry's face, smiled.  "If in douby, just
reach out and touch to see if they are actually there.  Now why don't you head
down to the Great Hall.  Why don't you get some sleep.  Everyone will be arriving
in a few hours."

    Harry did just that and eventually joined the group in the Great Hall.

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