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   Eventually, everyone made it to the great hall.  Yes, there were many unresolved
problems along the way, but this is Hogwarts isn't it?  So let the magic take care of 

   Ron, Harry, and Hermione sat down at the Gryffindor table, happy that the start of 
the term was finally here.  Ron pointed inquistively at the head table where Mad Eyed
Moody sat.

     "What do you think he's doing here,"  Ron asked.

     Harry shrugged.  As usual, Hermione had an answer ready to go. 

     "Oh...Isn't it obvious, he was hired for the job of Defense Against the Dark Arts
teacher last year.  He must have come back, given...the circumstances."

      Then, they all watched as Wood sat down.   A broad smile crossed Harry's face.  He
had heard that Wood was going to be teaching flying and referring Quidditch this year. 

      Ron sighed as Percy sat next to Wood.  

      "Why, oh, why did Professor Sprout have to go on vacation."

      "I heard that the new school medic didn't make it,"  Harry said.

      "what do you mean, " Ron responded.

      "They couldn't get him out of the spell," Hermione began, but she was interrupted by
the commanding voice of Professor Dumbledore.

      "Welcome to a new term.  As you all now, last year was not the most, how shall I say,
joyous of all years.  I do hope that this year will be better.  At this time, I would
like to introduce to you the new members of the faculty. Well...New isn't precisely correct.
Shall we say, those who have come home.  The Defense Agaist the Dark Arts teacher will be
Mad Eyed Moody.  I know rumors were about that Professor Lockhart was returning.  This
has been taken care of.   While Professor Sprout is on sabbatical, Percy Weasley has
agreed to take over the herbology studies.  Finally, Oliver Wood is returning to Hogwarts
as the new Quidditch refree and flying instructor while Madam Hooch too enjoys some well 
deserved time Off.  Now, let the sorting begin!"

       The three friends giggled and cheered as the sorting took place.  Harry sighed.
He was so happy to be back.  After the sorting concluded, they all enjoyed the feast.
Stuffed turkeys, roasted potatoes, and pumpkin juice.  Another feast to remember.

       Soon after the feast Harry, Hermione, and Ron headed back to the common room.  They
were joined by Fred and George.

       Alicia Spinnet also headed back.  She was joined by Dobby, after she requested
some after dinner snacks.

       Jag and Jarek, two Ravenclaws, also headed up to bed.

       Finally, Percy, Wood, and Professor Trelawany headed back to the staff room.



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