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    Fieri arrived at Hogwarts a few hours later.  Professor Dumbledore had
given her good directions to the school and she had used her broomstick to
get there in a flash.

    She saw the castle towering above her.  She was so happy to finally be
able to attend Hogwarts.

    She wanted to go when she a first year, but her parents wanted her to
be an expert in transfiguration.  Fieri didn't agree. She thought all the subjects
were equally as interesting.

   O.K., according to Dumbledore's directions she was to follow the path around
to the school.  Fieri started down the path, but it was blocked by a large

    She tried to move the tree, but it was impossible.  Someone must have
magically put it there.  She looked at the moat.  This was the only way 
across, but there wasn't a boat in sight.  What was she to do?
    "I guess it's swimming time."

     Fieri pocketed her wand and left her broom and trunk on the path. The
swimming was heavy work, but she didn't mind. Swimming was one of her
favorite things. As Fieri swam, she thought.
***Why in the world was there a tree in the path? I know it shouldn't be
there. I'm going to be late for Dumbledore's appointment, too.***

     Fieri sighed, and kept swimming. She was half way across the lake by now,
and she was tiring. As she kicked her legs harder, she went slower, and when
she was two thirds of the way there, she stopped to tread water. Fieri was
tired, and she couldn't go on.

     ***Where is a boat when you need one?*** she thought miserably.

     All of a sudden, Fieri felt a tug on her leg. A mermaid popped up beside her
and giggled, making annoying screaching sounds. She cupped her ears. The
mermaid smiled and flipped her fins in Fieri's face. She understood. Fieri
grabbed ahold, and the mermaid pulled her to shore. After getting out, Fieri
smiled, and gave the mermaid the gold ring from her finger for helping.

      "Thanks again!!" she yelled, as the mermaid dived back into the lake.

      Fieri turned toward the shore on the other side. She closed her eyes in

      "Accio Stargazer! Accio trunk!" Her possesions flew towards her and landed
on the bank.

       She pulled her truck, which had a lite spell on it, and strapped her broom
to her back. When Fieri made it up to the entrance of the school, she was
surprised to see the doors wide open, and a tree in the entrance hall.  She
noticed Peeves swooping down on her.

       "Can you tell me the way to Dumbledore's office?" she asked politely.

       "Tsk tsk. You should know the way, you should."

       "Well I don't."

      "Well I'm norragonna tell you."

      Fieri gritted her teeth, and sighed. Who was going to help her?


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