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    Fred and George stumbled down Diagon Alley.  Fred wished he could say that 
he was disappointed in himself for going to the joke shop, but he wasn't.

   Suddenly, Fred turned around.  Lying on the ground was George laughing 
harder than Ron had when Harry messed up his cheering charm.  George was
pointing to somthing across the street.

   There stood a fat, stumbling mess.  Fred looked again.  It couldn't be...
but it was: DUDLEY DURSLEY.

   Fred tried to motion George up, but he wouldn't stop laughing.  Fred had
to admit that it was a funny sight.

   Dudley was covered in witch's taffy from head to toe.  If Fred didn't know
better, he would think that Dudley was candy himself.

   Fred moved across the street to Dudley.  

  "How did you get here," Fred squeeked out through his laughter.

   Dudley couldn't stop crying.  "Mum and Dad told me to wait for them, but I 
smelled candy so I pushed a brick.  I saw the candy store, but when I picked
up a piece of taffy this happened."

   Fred could barely control his laughter.  But, he couldn't just leave Dudley
here, could he?
      “Hey George! get are books will you? I’m going to help this lump go back
to the Leaky Cauldron!”  I wasn’t sure if he heard me or not but I was sure he
would get the drift once he stopped laughing.
        “Now to deal with you,” I tried to say this very seriously but it was
 hard not to laugh as I turned around and saw the big blundering fool standing
 there crying his eyes out and shaking from head to toe!
        I couldn’t decide what to do. I could take him back to the Leaky 
Cauldron, or I could take him into Knockturn Alley and have some fun with him,
 but what about the taffy and Mrs. and Mr. Dursley. What would they say? I 
decided to do a quick and easy charm to get the taffy off in the first place,
 it was green, my favorite.
        “Nostica Unstua” I said and instantly the taffy melted down into a 
puddle of green water. George was still laughing very hard.
        “What are you going to do to me?” Dudley squeaked.
        “First I’m going to suck your blood, and then I’m going to eat your 
brain, and then I will swallow you alive.” George laughed even harder. I thought
 about what my mum had said and then I regretted saying that to Dudley. 
I finally said “I’m just going to take you back  to the Leaky Cauldron.Ok?”
        “Th-the were?” Dudley cried.
        “Were you came from” I replied
        “Oh” he said. He was starting to calm down now.
        “Why were you there in the first place?”
        “Daddy lost his job and we had to sell the house so we just spent the
 night here I mean there I mea...” he burst into tears again. I wanted to laugh 
but hewas practically in my position with my Dad and all at the Ministry.
        “OK, I’m going to take you back to your mom, OK?
        “OK,” he cried
        I took him the back way through to the Leaky Cauldron so he wouldn’t be
 seen. I decided to put a very light memory charm on him so he wouldn’t go 
blabbering about this to everyone in the muggle world.
        “Memmot Deslet” he would forget everything from 1 hour ago till I say 
the charm again. He would be in a kind of trance. I opened the wall and walked
 into the bright sunlight of the back of the Leaky Cauldron. I stood him away
 from the door and then walked back over to the door opened it turned around 
and said “Memmot Deslet” agian and before he came out of the trance I closed 
the door and was back in Diagon Alley.


    The twins finished their shopping and hurried back to their mum and dad.  
It was time to go catch the Hogwarts Express.

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