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Answers April's Quiz

1. Martin Brody
2. Matt Hopper
3. Quinn
4. Ellen
5. Michael (Mikey)
6. Polly
7. Harry
8. Chrissy
9. Pippin
10. Feldman
How did you do?
Add up your points
1 point for questions 1-3
2 points for questions 4-7
4 points for questions 8-10

If you got 16-23:

Congrats!  You have caught the shark and are carefully escorting
him to a less dangerous environment.

If you got 8-15:

Well, you didn't catch him, but you still have your health.

If you got Under 8:

Uh-oh. It looks like our shark has made a meal of you. Better luck next month.
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