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    Hermione couldn't believe she had fogotten to get the medicine for Crookshanks.
She loved her cat, but sometimes he was a pain.

    Now, if she could only remember where the shop was located.  She turned down
several alleys, twisting and turning.   Hermione kept reaching dead end, after
dead end.  How could she be lost in Diagon Alley?

    She eventually got herself stuck in a corner.  No escape.  Great.  She
turned around to go back the way she had come, but her path was blocked.

    Ten men in black robes surrounded her.  She couldn't make out their faces,
but she knew who they were.  Deatheaters.

    Hermione scrambled for her wand.  Surely, there must be something she could
do.  Of course, this was really Harry's speciality.  She raised her wand, ready
to cast a spell, but which one?   


      She started sending sparks at the Death Eaters, but that only hold them off
another few seconds then she remembers  last year when Harry was in the
triwizard tournament he brought his firebolt to him to help him out of trouble... but she forgot which way the
Quidditch shop was.....  before I went in to this alley if I retraced my
steps I would have turned right, crossed the street walked 3 blockes turned
left, walked up the street, and she rembers she saw the Quidditch shop
because she wonderd  what she should get Harry for christmas.  so the
Quittitch shop would be a couple blocks in front of her! so Hermione  pointed
the wand infron of and and said "Accido Broomstick!" and a Nimbus 2002 came
wizzing twards her. She grabbed it mounted it and flew on top of a roof before
the death eaters could get her.


     Hermione scrambled to head back to Mrs. Weasley and the gang.  It was time
to catch the hogwarts express

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