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     Jarek could not believe his luck.  His parents were actually letting him
stay at Hogsmead until the new term started.  He had never heard of a student
doing this before.  He had enjoyed his day of buying sweets at Honeydukes and
various exploding fun items at Zonko's.  Jarek couldn't wait to try them out on
Gryffindors (especially Fred and George).
     He retired back to the three broomstick where Madam Rosmerta brought him
another butterbeer.  It tasted good as it went down his throat.   Talk at the
three broomsticks surrounded the possible rise of He Who Must Not Be Named.  One
hag swore she saw him in Diagon Alley last week, but the rest of her table 
nearly laughed her out of the inn.

     Jarek enjoyed his stay, but Madam Rosmerta had been particularly irritable
lately.  Jarek thought it was probably due to the increase of all sorts since
the news of He Who Must Not be Named.  

     "Get, get out of here," Madam Rosmerta cried from near the door.

     Jarek ran over to see what she was screaming about.  A large, black dog
limped away from the Three Broomsticks.  Jarek could see that his leg was
severely damaged and bleeding heavily.

     "Good Riddance, "said Madam Rosmerta.

     Jarek, however, wasn't sure if he should help the dog or go back to his
   Jarek Watched The dog whine and wimper as it headed for the outskirts Of
Hogsmeade. He Followed The dog as at slowly made its way to the exit. Just
then Jarek desides to help the dog. He always Was A dog person and this would
give him a reason to stay on the streets alittle longer .

    "Here Dog , come here and Let Me help you . " he said softly. Just then
the dog sat down and stopped whimpering . 'Had The Dog Really Understood what
he had just said ' he thought to himself . Well It wasn't important now but
what was important that  was he fixed the dogs leg. He just remebered his
first aid kit he kept in his trunk . He Hoped It Might Come In Use  if he was
ever away from a Magical Nurse . And Being One Of great Student he figured
that a summoning charm would be fine.

    "Aseo Medkit " he said as he concentrated on the medkit in his trunk
hard. Less than 15 seconds later did his medkit come zooming up. He spoke
softly to the dog "Be still this might sting a little but it will help heal
you up." The Dog Let out a sharp Cry and silent again . Very Carefully Jarek
wrapped His Leg And soon he was all better . Then He pulled Out a piece of
bread and some water . The dog Looked Up Thankfully at him and ate and drank
from his hands . "Good Boy , Well I Have To Be Going ... I am Glad I could Be
of some help. Goodbye! " Before he could get up the dog gave him a big lick .
Jarek Smiled pet the dog  and turn back for bed .

   Jarek decided that it was time to go to Hogwarts and headed that way.  What
he didn't see was the dog slowly turn into a man.

"Thank you, my friend," Sirius whispered as he watched Jarek walk off.

  It was time for a short journey after a great summer and back to school .
He Saw the dog he had helped as he walked off. It was a quick yet kinda sad
yet happy jounrey to hogwarts . When He Arvied he snickered and thought of
his joke stuff but nothing comparped to what he was going to do the first
years. He pulled out his bright red eletric gutair and waited .
      He saw Everyone move Towards The Castle . He Smiled . He Said "Rockalis"
a charm HE Had Spent Many Weeks WOrking On . He Struck Up a Less Than Jake
Song . The Trumpets Echoed As It Reahed Ever Coner OF THe Grounds . He Sang
" Do You Know About Strenght In Convections Or How She Puts all her faith in
religon ? Do We Take The Time To Really Discover How Little We Know About
       "AGURA!!!!!!" Mcgonagal Shouted . He Stoped . Every One  On The Ground
Was Shanken witch Was His Orginal Goal. " Even Though The Term Hasn't Started
YeT You Will Get 3 Detitons And 50 Points From RavenClawe .
    "WhaT????  THATS NOT FAIR!!!!!" JArek Screamed outraged
    "That is what  is happeningg and no more . You Will Take Your Trunk To
Your Common Room And Put That Thing away. " She pointed at his gutair . "
Behave yourself till the feast" She walked off . Jarek Was Furious yet quitte
satsified with himself this will go down as one of the biggest stunts ever,.

Story Continues