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       "Why me?!" I cried as thick globs of spit landed on me, Hagrid and Fleur. 

        I took out my wand and tried to shout the stunning spell, and one of the
spitting snakes fell, motionless. 

     "HAGRID! FLEUR! Er... NEVILLE! Use the stunning spell to gte rid of 'em." 
I shouted. All three of us shouted Expellarmarus at the top of our lungs.
All three of the creatures joined their friend on the ground. 

    Jag fell to the ground with a thump.  As Hagrid had just been doing, she
too rubbed her backside.

    "'re we alright now," Hagrid asked.

    Everyone nodded.

    "That's it.  It's just not safe 'own 'ere," Hagrid said.  "Let's all go up
to the castle."

    Everyone began to follow Hagrid up to Hogwarts.  They were soon met by
Jarek and Professor McGonagall.   Even Neville Weasley, who
was so happy to meet Hagrid admitted that he wanted to go back.

    Neville Longbottom stopped.

   "What is it Longbottom," Hagrid asked.

   "I dropped my book on Amazon Magical Plants," Neville exclaimed.

   Professor McGonagall began to speak.  "You'll just have to leave it."

   Neville looked sadly at the ground.  He grandma had gotten it for him for
his good grade in Herbology last year.

    "Alright," McGonagall sighed.  "We'll go get it."

   "I'll take him," Hagrid volunteered.

   Hagrid and Neville headed back to the house while the rest of the group
continued up to the castle.

    Neville darted as he saw his book.  Then they heard a sharp whimper.

   "Oh," Hagrid said.  "Fang must be wondering where I am.  Wait 'ight 'ere 
Neville while I go get him."

    Neville nodded in agreement as Hagrid headed towards the house.  

   Neville heard another noise.  A low growling sound.  He looked through the 
bushes where he saw a large dog, or wolf, or something laying on the ground.

   Neville could never see an animal in pain.  He headed towards it, wondering
what he should do.


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