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     Hagrid sat in front of his house patting his bottom.  

    "OHHHH," Hagrid yelled.  "Did you have to use a rake, Neville."

     Neville Longbottom stood embarrassed next to Hagrid.  

     "I'm soooory."

     Neville Weasley stood next to the pair laughing quietly.  Soon the trio
 was joined by Fleur.

      "An' who 're you," Hagrid asked, still rubbing his behind.

      Hagrid smiled slightly when he recognized Fleur.

      "Oh, Ms. Delacour I 'eard that you had come to Hogwarts this year," 
Hagrid stated.  "An extra year of schooling now that you graduated."

      "Zes," Fleur responded.  "I zanted to see how 'ogwartz taught."

      "Well, 'elcome.  Though you are all a bit early.  Session doesn't start
until tomorrow."

      Just then a rattling noise came from the sky.  They all turned their 
heads to see creatures that seemed to be half snake and half bat spitting at 

The spit, which was as thick and as sticky as glue,  fell down hitting Hagrid, 
Fleur, and Neville Weasley.  Again, Neville Longbottom was the only hope.

Story Continues