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      "What are you going to do" asked Professor Lockhart curiously. 

      "I am going to unlock the door" said Wood irritably. 

       "Mmmmmmm I thought so" said Lockhart. 

        "ALOHOMORA" cried  Wood 

        There was a loud clicking from the door and they all heaved the giant
 door. And it opened. 

         "I should have thought of that"said Lockhart. 

         Both Percy and Wood locked at each other in disbelief, then hurried 
down the hallway towards the staff room.

       Percy turned around when he heard a crash.  

       "Oh my," said Lockhart.

       Lockhart stood over a fallen tree.  Apparently, he had tried to reopen 
the entrance and had missed.   The tree was now blocking the path that upper
class students used to get to Hogwarts.

      "Great," said Wood.  "Now everyone will have to cross the moat to get in."

       The three headed off to the staff room.  There, Professor Trelawany
was "enjoying" some tea.

      "Ahhh," Professor Trelawany said.  "My tea bags say that you will experience
great changes in your lives."

      Wood quietly laughed.

      "Ahhh," Professor Trealwany mused. "I see some tragedy coming.  YES! I
see it coming up behind you!"

      Wood, Lockhart, and Percy all laughed together.

      Professor Trelawany was not laughing...Somthing WAS coming... 

     Nothing.  Wood turns back around and laughs.  “I don’t see any tragedy, how bout you Percy?” 

    “Nope, no tragedy here, Lockheart?”  replied Percy. 

    “Don’t you simpletons worry, I’ll get rid of that tragedy in a jiffy.  I’ll just perform a
simple,” at this, Lockheart pulls out his wand, which is quickly taken by Wood. 

    “Oh no you don’t, I think I’ll hold on to this for a while.” Said Wood. 

    “So you all think this is some kind of a joke, that I just make this up.” 
Said an angry Proffesor Trelawney.  “I spend all my free time staring into my
crystal ball, or reading tea leave, I even warn people about the future.  But
do I get any thanks?  No, people all just think it’s one big joke.  Well you’ll 
see, all of you.” 

     With that, she stomps out of the room. 

     “Oh well, might as well see the how the Quidditch  fields look.” Said Wood
 after a lengthy silence. “Want to come with me Percy?” 

      “Sure, nothing keeping me here.  Hey, whats that?” Replied Percy, pointing
 at a large box with a glass front and bags in it. 

      Lockheart runs over to the large object, “Oh my, it can’t be.  There is 
no need to be worried it’s just a bewitched pixy catcher, nothing I can’t

     “Wait, its not a pixy catcher, it’s a vending machine.” Said Wood quickly. “It’s a muggle object
that you put money in and candy comes out. Watch,” Wood then puts some money in
 it, and nothing happens. “Uh-oh, it ate my money, what a tragedy.  Oh well,
 I’d better go tell Filch.” 

     “Yeah,” said a ditressed Percy, “Proffesor Lockheart, you better come with
 us.”  And with that, the three of them steped out of the staff lounge an into
 the unknown. 


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