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     Percy walked up to the entrance of Hogwarts.  He couldn't believe it. 
He was going to be a new teacher.  Herbology.  Professor Sprout decided to take
a sabbatical to research some of the plants.

     Percy hoped that it would advance his career as much as he hoped.  He hoped
 he  wasn't too late in arriving.  Professor Sprout had told him that he should 
be there a week before term to tend the plants, but surely a few days wouldn't 
hurt anyone.

    "Percy," someone questioned behind him.  

     Percy turned around to see Oliver Wood.

     "Wood!  What are you doing here," Percy asked.

     "I'm going to be the new referee for the Quidditch matches and teach
 flying.   Madam Hooch decided to extend her vacation after getting last year off."

    Then another face appeared.  One that neither one was too happy to see. 
Professor Lockhart.

     "Oh, hello boys.  So good to see you again...What, surprised to see me? 
 Well, it seems that I have regained my memory.  Sure, Professor Dumbledore
 didn't want me to come back to teaching, but Fudge insisted so here I am."

     Percy and Wood shook their heads.  Not what either one was expecting.   

     Unfortunately, none of them could seemed to get the massive doors to 
Hogwarts   open.  They pushed and shoved, but nothing seemed to give.

       Lockhart tried to do an opening spell, but it rebounded giving him
quite a gash in the head.  Percy tried to apparate to the other side.  But, as 
everyone knows, you can't apparate inside of Hogwarts.  Percy ended up kinda 
twisted up, trying that one.  Now, it was Wood's turn to try...

Story Continues