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    Mr. Pompfrey thought to himself.  Oh! A rebounding spell.  Pompfrey lifted
up his arms.

   "BACKILUMUS!" He screamed.

    Unfortunately, the spell did not work as he expected.  Though all the students
woke up with a start, the mist had rebounded right on top of Mr. Pompfrey.

    "Oh my," said Angelina.

    Ron, Ginny, and Harry also looked concerned.
    "Who is that," Ron demanded.

    They all shrugged their shoulders.

    "Well," continued Angelina.  "We can't just leave him laying there can we?"

    "I'll go get Professor Dumbledore," Harry said, and headed out of the common

    "Maybe we should get him a blanket," Ginny asked.

    Angelina nodded her head in agreement and Ginny headed off to the girls
dorm to get the quilt off of her bed.

     Angelina noticed that the fire was dying and went to put on another log.  
Before she had the chance, Professor Snape came bounding in the door.

    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE," Snape demanded.  "Term hasn't started, yet.  I
thought I heard voices in here."

     Just then, Snape noticed Mr. Pompfrey lying on the ground.

    "What have you done," Snape cried.  "EXPELLED!  EXPELLED!  EXPELLED!  You
will be taking the Hogwarts Express home when everyone else arrives tommorrow."

     Angelina opened her mouth to respond, but knew that Snape wouldn't listen.
But she didn't want to be expelled...


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