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    Angelina thought about what to do.  Who could have sent the snakes?

    She cried out the most likely name.

    "Voldermort," not only didn't she like saying the name, it didn't do
 any good.

    Think.  Think.  Think.  Wait, the password.  Change the letters around.  

    "Draco Malfoy."

     The snakes disappeared.  Ginny and Ron slowly got up.  The common room 
door flew open and Harry walked in.  

     "What happened here," Harry asked.

     "Where have you been," Ron asked simulateonly.

     Then they all said together, "MALFOY!"

     The group didn't have much time to talk about the events.  A gold powder
began to drift into the common room.  The group began to sway then fell down,

     Mr. Pompfrey, the new school medic and cousin of Madam Pompfrey, was
strolling past the Gryffindor common room, trying to familiarize himself with
the school.

    "Oh, my," he exclaimed as he saw the students lying on the ground.

    He rushed to their sides....but what was he to do?

Story Continues