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     Ron and Ginny stood at the entrance of Gryffindor tower.  They stared
 blankly at the Fat Lady.  

     "Oh," Ron said.  "There are no prefects here yet are there."

     Ginny shrugged.  She was dripping from head to toe from the attack
 by Peeves.

     The Fat Lady swung open and Angelina stuck out her head.

     "Oh, hello, did Dumbledore call you here early too?"

     "Yes, me and Harry.  Ginny came along with me."

     "What do you think he wants," Angelina questioned.  

      Ginny and Ron both shrugged this time.  They went through the portal
and into the common room.  The fire was already blazing.

     "How did you get in here," Ron asked.

     "Oh, it was the strangest thing.  Peeves attacked me with a bucket of 
water, so I thought that I'd come up here to change.  I wondered how I would 
get in, but then I saw a piece of parchment laying on the ground.  It said
'Password is Carl Yam Food'."

     "Who's Carl, and why does he like Yam Food?"

     All three of them shrugged.

     "Harry went up to Dumbledore's office so I guess we should just wait here."

     They all nodded in agreement and Ron headed up to the boy's dorm. 
Suddenly, the room around him erupted in little snakes.  They darted towards
Ron, Ginny, and Angelina.  Ginny, not completely over her trip to the Chamber 
of Secrets, passed out.  Ron jumped as a snake bit him.  He tripped over a 
table and fell to the ground unconcious.  Angelina looked around in desperation.
Then she remembered a spell they had learned last year.  When faced with an 
explosion of snakes, if you say the name of the one who sent them, then they 
will disappear....But who sent them?

Story Continues