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     By the disappointed look on Colin's face, Dobby could tell that he was 
hoping Dobby knew where they were.  

      "How did master Creevey get here, sir?" questioned Dobby.

      "Me?  I was trying to find Harry when I accidentally turned into 
Mrs. McGonagall's room.  No one was inside so I was about to leave when there
was a big flash of light.  I got pulled toward the light and here I am."

      "Alicia and the other girls got here the same way except they
 accidentally mistook the Wizards' restroom for the Witch's," said Colin,
trying to hold back a laugh.  He couldn't hold it in though.

       "That's not funny! Well, you know how Hogwarts is, one day there is a 
room next to the library the next day it's by the dungeon!" Alicia said 

        "Dobby's got it!" shouted Dobby almost immediately afterwards. 
"This is what they were talking about!  Dobby overheard Wink and another 
house-elf talking! Dobby heard them say it, Sir!"

	"What'd they say Dobby, hurry up it's getting cold down here!" yelled

	"Dobby heard them say that there was a new protection room open, Sir,
and that the bugs still needed worked out, Sir!" cried Dobby.  "We were all in
places we shouldn't be, Sir!  The girls in the boy's restroom, Sir, Master
Creevey in Mrs. McGonagall's room before school has started, and Dobby in the
Greenhouse!"  At that very word Dobby realized what he had done.  "Bad Dobby, 
bad Dobby!" exclaimed the house-elf and began to bang his head against the wall.

	"I wonder why Fred and George aren't here," said Kalijaya.

	Dobby was still banging his head on the wall when Colin said,
"Okay now we know where we are. How do we get out?"

	"Well, we either have to go left or right.  There's no other choice,"
 said Star.

	"Hey Dobby," said Kalijaya "Can I borrow your tea cozy?"

	Dobby tosses it to Kalijaya. 

	"If we flip this tea cozy in the air and the spiral is up, we'll go 
left.  If the circle is up we go right."

	Kalijaya tosses the tea cozy into the air and……………it lands with the 
bright green spiral facing up.

	"Well, I guess we go left," said Colin. 

	The group sets off down the dark and gloomy tunnel.  They walk for
approximately 2 hours only to find a dead end.  The wall is brick but a 
strange, roundish symbol was inscribed on the gray concrete.  The symbol was
etched in dull purple ink.

	"Oh great," says Allison, "My feet are killing me, and all we get out
of this is a big purple spot."

	"No," says Alicia, "I think there is more to this spot than meets the
eye.  I think this spot is magical.  Dobby, I've heard that house-elves have 
a lot of magic in them but they can't use it because they can only do what 
their masters tell them to do.  Did you ever hear of or see one of these things

	"Dobby thinks so, but Dobby doesn't quite remember.  Mistress Kalijaya
can Dobby have his tea cozy back?  Dobby feels naked without it."

	Alicia ignores this and ponders what the significance of the strange
spot is.  "Idencio!" cries Alicia, magic wand raised.  There was a bright white
glow in the air.  The only thing that stayed in vision was the strange symbol.

	"AAAAHHHH!" yelled Dobby obviously not expecting the blinding light. 
The light disappeared in a matter of seconds. 

        "What was that?" asked the inquisitive house-elf.

	"I learned that from my grandfather.  It is a spell used to
check for an unnoticed exit.  My grandfather gets lost a lot.  The glowing
 means that there is an exit close by, but where?"

	"I know!" said Star "See how the symbol sort of bulges out his way?  
I think it's pointing to an exit!"

	"But there's nothing there it's just a wall!" said Colin.  "I give up,
I'm tired of all the tricks in here."

	"If it is what I think it is" Star continued, "this wall isn't really 
here.  It's an illusion of some sort.  Watch."  Star took a giant step right 
into the wall, only he didn't stop, he went through it. 

	"I don't know where this will go but anywhere's better than here" said
Allison as she jumped through.

	"Harry would do it, I have to" said Colin.  He covered his eyes and
took a big jump.

	"It can't be any worse than platform 9 ¾," Kalijaya said confidently.

	"1..2..3..Here I come!" yelled Alicia.

	Dobby was all alone.  "Oh boy, I better make it back to the kitchen or
 I could get fired!"  Dobby ran through the wall.


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