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     Suddenly the plant began to recoil as a bright light appeared out of the
corner of the greenhouse.  Dobby covered his eyes, but the light began to pull
 Dobby into it.

     Dobby grabbed at the plants around him, desperately trying to pull away from 
the light, but it was no use.   He was sucked in.

     Dobby awoke to a dark tunnel.  He could barely make out the shapes of several
people around him.   He recognized Colin and Alicia.  He saw three other
people lying on the ground, but did not recognized them.

      Colin lifted his head.

      "Dobby, is that you," Colin meekly asked.

      "Master Crevey, are you o.k."

      "I think so.  Alicia, Star, kallijaya,  Allison, and I  all got sucked
into a light.  Is that what happened to you," Colin asked.

      "Yes," Dobby started to say, but Colin collapsed back to the ground. 
What was Dobby going to do?

Story Continues