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      Dobby went to the greenhouse.  He was so excited about the new term.  
Harry Potter would be coming back to Hogwarts soon.  He could not wait.

      The house elves were preparing a special dinner and Dobby had gone down 
to the greenhouse to collect some special herbs for the first night's feast.  
Dobby was not allowed in the greenhouse, but he wanted to make something special
for Harry and his friends.

      He looked over the strange looking plants.  He was looking for nugget 
roots.  They were supposed to give an extra punch to the roasted potatoes.  

      He wandered up and down the aisles reading the strange names of the 
plants that were growing.  Some were pretty, others were crumbled and ugly.
Some even had eyes on them.

      Dobby didn't like the greenhouse.  The plants loomed high over him.  
They seemed to be moving closer and closer to him.  Dobby screamed and tried to
 run away, but one grabbed his foot.  What was he going to do?

Story Continues