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First Loves

Two people met at an intersection one day,
They looked at the billions of roads surrounding
The boy and girl decided to stay in the middle

They laughed and cried
They hugged and kissed
They were happy

Then night began to fall
Darkness engulfed the two
Soon it began to storm

Hail fell upon them stinging their skin
Thunder boomed through their souls
She pulled closer to him

But he pulled steadily away
He squirmed under her needy grasp
Pushing her to the ground

Then, from the corner of their glances a beautiful woman appeared
She motioned for the boy to follow her down one of the paths
He resisted at first, but then rose

The girl held on to the boy
She begged him not to leave
Alas, it was of no use

He rose
Gently hugged the girl and kissed her forehead
Then walked over to meet the beautiful woman

The girl cried for him
She screamed for his return
He continued down the path with the woman, never looking back

Eventually, the girl could no longer see the couple
She curled up in the middle of the intersection
The rain beat harder and harder

She could not move
She could not cease the tears
She could not continue

People began to move over her
A newly married couple
Who only stopped to throw stones at her lifeless body

A mother
Who stepped over her
Never even covering her from the painful rain

The people continued 
All of them chose a path
None of them stopped to help

Then, one man and his young child knelt beside her
"I know your pain "
He said this, nothing more

The girl looked up as they moved down their path
She waited for someone to becon her, 
As the woman had the boy

But noone ever came
She laid down again and cried
Then, the storm began to break

She knew it was time to go
She cried for the boy once more
Then chose a path, and started down that lonely road