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     The fog was getting closer. Jag bit her lip and looked at her ankle,
hoplessly twisted at an odd angle. She turned to look ahead of her and poked
her eye. 
      "OWWWW" She yelled, looking to what she poked her eye on.  Her wand!
She picked it up,turned, and yelled the only spell she could think of.

      "Wingardium Leviosa!!!" The mist lifted into midair, passing over her by a
close foot. She sat up,  sighed and looked at her ankle. Being a 5th year
transfer from Jaguarini, the South American  wizarding school, she had
learned a little about medical magic and herbal healing. She grabbed her wand
and a leaf, forming into a cast for her leg. She stood up gingerly, and
walked towards Hagrid's Hut. Wondering where that awful mist got to. 

      When she got there, she saw Fleur, Hagrid, and Both Neville's facing the
half snake and half bat  creature who had pinned all but Neville Longbottom down. She
jumped forward, toppling down on the ground because of her ankle. She looked
up, just to see the bat-snake fly down by her and pick her up by the back of
her robes. Her wand was out of reach 

       "Aahhhhhhhh!!!!!" She yelled, piercing the night.


Story Continues