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Fleur turned around in a hurry.  A stunning spell.  Yes, that's what she'll use.

She raised her arm and KABOOM!  The creature, which turned out to be a werewolf, 
lay stunned on the ground.

McGonagall woke with a start.  She looked down at the stunned werewolf.  With
 a puzzling, "hmm..." she bound the werewolf's legs.  

She spoke to the two students in a rush.

"You two head up to Hagrid's House," she said.  "There's something I need to 
take care of."

The two headed up to Hagrid's House while McGonagall "tended" to the werewolf.
However, half way there Jag dropped her wand.  

"Ze'll help you look," Fleur stated.

Jag, however, waved her on.  As Fleur headed towards Hagrid's House, Jag saw a
strange mist coming towards her.  It seemed to be swallowing up everything in
its way.  Jag turned to run, but stumbled.   She turned around as the mist
crept up to her.....

Story Continues