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    Professor McGonagall stared up at the full moon.  She had come early to
inspect the grounds before the students arrived and, for some strange reason, 
had agreed to help Hagrid hunt down some blast-ended skrewts.  Oh, why, oh why
 had she agreed.

    She heard a rustling behind one of the bushes, her wand raised ready to 
stun.  Fleur appeared from behind the bush.

     "Ms. Delacour, what are you doing out in the Forbidden Forest, and before
term starts," Professor McGonagall exclaimed angrily.

     "Pardon ze, ma'am.  I 'ave zost myself.  Err...I zam lost.  I transfer to
Hogwarts zhis 'ear, but without Madame Maxine, I not znow zhe way and 'ot lost."

     Professor McGonagall sighed and shook her head.  Blast-ended Skrewts and
 lost students.  She had a feeling it was going to be a long-term.

     "Well, come on then.  I'll take you back to the castle."

      Another sound came from the bushes.  A second girl emerged.

      Professor McGonagall looked stunned and upset.

      "And who are you," Professor McGonagall again exclaimed.

      "Oh...My name is Jag Amazon.  I am a new student at Hogwarts.   My 
parents don't like me using Muggle inventions like trains so they dropped me
off by broomstick this morning.  I think I must have told them the wrong day,
though. "

       Professor McGonagall shrugged again.

       "Alright, you come up to the Castle, too.

       Another rumbling came from behind the bushes.   It was accompanied by a
low growl.  Professor McGonagall moved forward towards the bushes, but before
she knew what hit her she was on the ground unconscious.  Fleur knew she was 
the only one who could save them.

Story Continues