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      Harry paced back in forth waiting for Professor Dumbledore. 
Why had he called them here before the term had even started? 
He looked up at Forks who was sleeping quietly on his perch.

      Everything in the last few weeks had been suspicious. 
He and Ron had received owl post about a week ago telling them to
hail the nightbus to Hogwarts a few days earlier than usual because 
Dumbledore had wanted to meet them to talk about last year. Harry 
thought it was strange that  Dumbledore had requested Ron, but he 
trusted Dumbledore and the message was on official Hogwarts stationary.
Ginny  and Ron's Cousin, Neville Weasley, had also made the trip.  
Fred, George, and Hermoine had all stayed behind.

        When they got to Hogwarts, they were surprised by the emptiness
of the castle.   Only the ghosts had been wandering the halls.  Actually,
the only ghost who they ran into was Peeves who proceeded to dump buckets
of water on the their head. He hit Ron and Ginny straight on, but barely 
missed both Neville and himself.  Ron headed to Gryffindor tower to clean 
up while Neville headed down to Hagrid's house, wanting sorely to meet 
the gamekeeper.

      Harry had headed up to Dumbledore's Office, the password was still 
Cockroach Cluster, and waited quietly inside.  Where could Dumbledore be?

        Suddenly, the door swung closed behind him.  Harry dashed to 
the door and tried to push it open.   Then he heard the voice..."Harry
 Potter the great, thought he could defeat me....Well we shall see...
Now I have you trapped."  Harry thought quickly....What should he do?
    Harry looked around him.  The sorting.  Forks.  All have been helpful
to him in the past.  What about this time.  Then Harry heard it.  A squeeling
laughter from behind the door.

    "Ajarium," Harry yelled the magical word and the door swung open.

     Draco Malfoy stood there, sneering.  

     "MALFOY," Harry screamed.

     Malfoy's smile disappeared.  He obviously had not expected Harry to figure
out it was him.  Harry had expected some remark from Malfoy.  But he turned
 around and ran.

     Harry turned around to see Professor Dumbledore standing behind him.  
Dumbledore  was shaking his head and staring at the fleeing Malfoy.

     "Harry, don't worry about Mr. Malfoy," Dumbledore said.  "I'll take care
 of it.  Why don't you go meet your friends in the common room."

     Harry of course obeyed, and headed down to the Gryffindor common room.

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