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     "You think of where they're most likely to be."

      Fieri told the anxious Mrs. Weasley.  "The joke shop."
said Hermione, smiling.

      Mrs. Weasley shook her head, exasperated.

      "I should have thought of that. Excuse girls, I'll be
right back."

      As Mrs.Weasley rushed out the door, Fieri turned toward Hermione and Cho.
 (Donovan and Gabrielle had sat down at another table.)

      "Do you mind if I sit with you?" she asked.

      "Why not? What’s your name?" said Cho smiling, and
scooting over to make room.

       "Thanks. It’s Fieri Karisma"
        Fieri headed back toward her table, and came back
carrying her bags of school items. Hermione eyed one
of her bags that was particulary full.

        "All that for a first year?"

        Fieri shook her head.

       "I'm a sixth year." she explained.
Cho was surprised.

       "But I've never seen you around."

       Fieri smiled as she looked at the girl's confused

        "I'm a exchange student from Scurogatto."


       "Scurgatto School of Sorcery." said Hermione
promptly,"I read about it in European Sorcery Schools.
It’s supposed to be really good if you want to study

       “It is quite good,” said Fieri smiling and nodding her
head,“Most people are able to become animagis by their
third year.”

       Cho gauked at Fieri.

      “You’re kidding me.”

     “No, I’m not. I’ve haven’t become one yet, however
becuase I haven’t wanted to.”

      Hermione, Cho, and Fieri chatted for a few more
minutes about Hogwarts and Scurogatto, when Mrs.
Weasley came back, pulling both Fred and George by
their ears.

      “Ow, mum, let go!”

      “Mum, you’re hurting my ear!”

        “I DON’T CARE! Can you imagine how worried I was? With
Voldemort on the loose, what was I to think?!”

        Fred rubbed his ears.

        “Sorry, mum.”

        “Sorry doesn’t cover it! You’ll both be scrubing the
bathrooms when we get back!”

          The twins groaned. Fieri smiled and stood up.
“It was nice meeting all of you, but I have to be going.”

        “Where to?” asked George.

        “Don’t be nosy!”
Fieri laughed, brushing aside her dark red hair.

        “It’s alright. Dumbledore has requested a meeting with
me before the school starts. I just have to go to Hogwarts now to make sure 
I’m not late.”

          “Have fun!” said Hermione, as Fieri jumped onto a
broomstick and flew off.

          “See you at Hogwarts!!!” called Cho, waving as Fieri
faded into the distance.


     "Mum," said Fred.  "We don't have our books yet, can we go get um?"

     Mrs. Weasley shook her head disapprovingly, but waved them on.

     "oh, my," Hermione exclaimed.  " I almost forgot.  I have to get some 
medicine for Crookshanks.  I think he took a nip out of one of those garden

     Mrs. Weasley shook her head again, and waved Hermione on.

     This left Cho and Mrs. Weasley sitting around the table.  

     "Arthur!" Mrs. Weasley exclaimed as Mr. Weasley entered. "Why aren't you
at work!"

    "I am at work," said Mr. Weasley.  "Well, in a sense.  Someone spotted
Voldermort.  Or at least that's what they said, here.  Fudge is so angry that
I have sided with Dumbledore that he sends me after every wild goose."

   Cho smiled.  She could just see Mr. Weasley chasing geese around diagon alley.
Cho's smile faded as she saw Lucius Malfoy walk through the door.

   "Oh, if it isn't slums sitting around.   What happened, lose your job Weasley."

   Mr. Weasley made a jump at Mr. Malfoy.  Mrs. Weasley screamed.  Cho knew she
had to do something. The Weasleys had been so kind to her and Fudge would 
certainly fire Arthur if Malfoy was injured.

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