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      Cho, Hermione, and Mrs. Weasley took some Floo powder and headed on their
 way to Diagon Alley.

     They walked around purchasing their new school books and supplies.  
Around noon they met Mrs. Weasley for lunch.  She looked very concerned.

     "Fred and George are not here yet," She said, obviously concerned. 
They promised to be here by noon."

       Cho and Hermione looked at each other.  What were they to tell Mrs.

        Just then Donovan and Gabrielle walked in.

        Cho recognized the Hogwarts supplied and motioned them over.

        "Have you seen two twins, rather tall, with red hair."

        Both Donovan and Gabrielle shook their heads.   Mrs. Weasley burst 
into tears.  

         In the corner of the restaurant, Fieri another Hogwarts student
 surveyed the scene.  She walked over to Mrs. Weasley.

       "I know how to find your sons," Fieri stated.

       Mrs. Weasley asked the question they were all thinking.  "How?" 

Story Continues