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     Donovan couldn't believe that he had been accepted to Hogwarts.  Now here 
he was in Diagon Alley shopping for his supplies.  Black robe, cauldron, potions 
supplies, and, of course, his wand.  

      He walked down the street amazed at all the unique shops around him.  He
walked by Gringotts, looking at the troll standing at the entrance.

      Unfortunately, he wasn't watching where he was going and walked right 
into a skinny girl, about his age.

       "Oh, I'm sorry," Donovan said and looked at the Hogwarts list she was
holding in her hand. "You starting at Hogwarts, too?"

       "Yes," said Gabrielle Delacour.  "But zhis country zis new to me. 
I don't quite understand the language."

       Donovan smiled at the girl.  "Seems like you are doing fine to me."

       "Haze you zour wand zet," Gabrielle asked.

       After Donovan answered in the negative they headed over Ollivander's to
choose their wands, or , rather, to have their wands choose them.

       They entered the store and Gabrielle sat down.  Ollivander took some
time, but eventually Gabrielle had a bright shining ten inch wand with a 
unicorn hair.  Gabrielle had wanted one with a veela hair like her sister, but
Ollivander didn't have any.

        Then Donovan took his place.  Ollivander tried and tried.  After several
hours, he made the announcement.

       "I'm sorry, but no wand fits you.  Never has such a thing happened."

       Donovan wondered what he would do.

     This may have something to do with the way my hand
glowed when i was born and it does randomly sometimes"

    *As he talked his hand glowed strangely*

     "Hmmmmm" said olivander, "i wonder....... repeat after
me, alohomara"

      As he said the words donovan's hand glowed and the
door nearby was unlocked.

       "Wow" said olivander, you have the rare gift of felius
spellus, or the spell hands.

         "Whoah" says donovan, "cool"

          "I guess ur a pretty special guy" says gabrielle.

         "I guess so" says donovan as his hands glow dimly.

        "They walk out of olivander's and find the portal that
will take them to hogwarts.


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