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      Cho and Hermoine stretched.  It was early in the morning in the Burrow.
They both had been invited by the Weasleys to spend the last week before school
started.  Harry, Ginny, Neville Weasley, and Ron had all left early for Hogwarts
after receiving a letter from Professor Dumbledore.

      The two girls were sharing Ginny's room, but as the sun broke both were
starved and they headed down to the breakfast table.  Mrs. Weasley was waiting
for them with sausages and eggs ready.  

      "Eat up girls, Fred and George are already on their way to Diagon Alley
to buy their school supplies.  Both have enrolled in Muggle studies this year
and thought it would be fun to take the Underground.  Sometimes I don't know
what gets into the boys' minds."

      The girls quickly finished their breakfast and headed back up to change.
Hermoine pushed Crookshanks off of her Robe and threw it on.  Cho looked around

     "Where's my robe,"  Cho asked.

     "I don't know, "Hermoine started. "Oh, wait, didn't you take it off in the
Garden yesterday while we were helping Percy with the Gnomes."

     "Oh, yes, that's right.  I better go get it."

     Cho rushed down the stairs and out to the garden.  She saw her robe lying
on the ground and picked it up. 
     She heard a crash and quickly turned around.  There, standing before her,
was a fifteen foot tall troll.  She thought about what to do...

Story Continues