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      Trelawany, Wood, and Percy headed back to the staff room.  Percy and Wood talked
about their excitment in becoming Professor's at Hogwarts.  The excitement faded as
they reached the Staff Room door.

     It wasn't really a door at all, but a black hole that they couldn't see through.

     "What do you think it is," asked Percy.

     "Well, I'm not sure.  You're the head boy," remarked Wood.

     "WAS!  WAS THE HEAD BOY," Percy shouted in response.

     Wood picked up a book lying near the door and tossed it in.  They heard it hit
the other side.

    "Well, who wants to go first," Wood asked.

    They all stood and stared at each other.  No one seemed to be volunteering.

    "If we only knew what would happen if we go in," Percy began.

     Of course, Professor Trelawany jumped at this remark.

     "AHHH...Only I can see the future."

     Trelawany pulled out her crystal ball which was neatly tucked beneath her robe and
began to peer into it.  She continued to peer into it.  Then she peered into some more..
and some more...and some more...But what did she see?  

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