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     They were almost at the Fat Lady when Fred and George pulled Harry aside.  Ron
and Hermione turned to see where they had gone.  Fred and George looked sternly at

    "Go on without us, Fred forgot his books in the Great Hall."

    Ron didn't seem to buy it, but he and Hermione continued into the common room.

    "Harry," Fred began.  "There's a new Slytherin that we heard is related to you."

    Harry laughed out loud.  What were Fred and George trying to pull this time.  But,
Harry stopped laughing when he saw the looks on Fred and George's face.   

    "Related, how," Harry asked, now startled by the revelation.

    "We heard he is related to the Dursleys in some way."

     This made Harry laugh even harder.  To believe that a Dursley would ever have magic
in him ...or her was beyond comphrension.

     "That's right, I'm a Dursley."

      The three spun around to see the strangest looking boy imaginably in front of them.
Harry had remembered the boy at sorting, but had not paid much attention.  Now, he could
see how different the boy really was.  He was short, as were all the Dursleys, round, and
nearly bald.  His eyes were a jet black.  Not just the pupils, but the whole eye.  He
was wearing what could be construed as a school robe, but looked more like Batman's cape.

     "My name is Rupert Godley.  My mother is Vernon Dursley's cousin.   You better watch
out for me.  I know about the disgrace the Potter's have brought the whole Dursley name.
You aren't the only wizard in the family.  You better watch out this year.  At least 
I'm not related to you through blood.  I can't even imagine having the blood of those
cowards, James and Lily Potter."

     The anger grew within Harry...What would he do?

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