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   Dobby and Alicia headed down to the kitchen.  Alicia was starved, but she didn't know
why after that big meal.

   Alicia turned to see Dobby looking very scared.

   "Mistress Alicia, Dobby knows he's suppose to be good, but look outside.  Dobby want
to go and help."

    Alicia looked out to the quidditch field which was just visible from where they were
standing. In the middle of the field, a large red dragon stood on his hind legs.  Under
the dragon was a small figure, a very small figure indeed.  It was the house-elf Winky.

    "I'll go get Dumbledore," Alicia screamed and headed off to Dumbledore's office.

     Dobby pounded himself in the head.  He knew he should wait inside for Dumbledore,but
he didn't want Winky to get eaten.

    Slapping himself all along the way, Dobby ran out to the quidditch field.

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